Prepared: 16.7.2021

This is a privacy policy in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act (Sections 10 and 24) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Vaasan Micro Copy Oy, in which we inform about the processing of personal data of Vaasan Micro Copy Oy’s customers.

This privacy policy describes what information we collect about our customers, how we use the information, and how we protect the collected information.

We reserve the right to make changes and updates to the privacy policy.

1. Data Controller

Vaasan Micro Copy Oy (0361411-2)

Myllärinkatu 12 b 1

65100 Vaasa

06 3120 712

2. Contact Person Responsible for the Register

Mari Paasiala

Vaasan Micro Copy Oy

3. Register Name

Customer register of Vaasan Micro Copy Oy

4. Purpose of Processing Personal Data

Personal data is used for maintaining customer relationships, processing orders, invoicing, improving user experience on the website, and, if necessary, transferring digital content to a secure server.

5. Data Content of the Register

The register contains the following information: customer or company/organization name, company’s business ID, address details, phone number, email address, information about marketing consents, and payment and billing details.

6. Regular Sources of Information

The primary source of information is the user themselves. The information is obtained from the customer via contact form, email, or phone, or in person. We strive to indicate which information is mandatory and which you can provide voluntarily.

7. Regular Disclosures of Data

Data is used solely for the management of customer relationships.

8. Transfer of Data Outside the EU or EEA

Data is not transferred outside the EU or EEA.

9. Data Retention

Vaasan Micro Copy Oy retains customer information for the duration of the customer relationship. Upon request, personal data concerning the customer can be deleted from the register.

10. Use of Cookies

We use cookies and similar technologies. Cookies collect information about visitor traffic and improve the service experience on the user’s computer. Cookies and other identifiers have a defined lifespan, after which the browser removes the identifier. We collect visitor information through cookies for analytics and personalization purposes with third parties. The data used is anonymized. We utilize Google Analytics for analytics related to our website. Read more about Google Analytics data processing.

11. Basis for Register Protection and Security Measures

The processing of the customer register is carried out with care, and the processed data is protected appropriately. Customer data is collected in a secure electronic database, which requires a username and password to log in. Access to the customer register can only be granted by its administrator, who also determines the level of access for users. The customer register is handled confidentially. Only the personnel of Vaasan Micro Copy Oy, whose job description includes it and who are bound by confidentiality, process the information. Customer data is stored electronically, and unnecessary paper printouts are destroyed properly.

12. Right of Inspection and Right to Request Data Correction

The customer can request a compiled file of their own personal data, including all personal data provided to us. Information can be requested by contacting us via email. You can also request deletion or modification of your personal information. The customer also has the right to prohibit the processing of their data for marketing purposes. Requests for restricting data processing must be made via email to the register’s contact person. The right to delete one’s own data does not apply to personal data that we are required to retain for administrative, legal, such as fulfilling accounting obligations, or security reasons.

13. Contact

You can contact us via email: